Sign Design Tips


Below are important guidelines to ensure that the letters in your signs can be easily read from the right distance.

Letter size – Readable Distance

10″ – up to 40′
15″ – up to 60′
20″ – up to 75′
30″ – up to 105′
40″ – up to 150′
60″ – up to 300′


Contrasting colors, light on dark or dark on light, works best visually from a distance. The most popular being black text on a yellow background and white text on a red background.

Proof Reading

When sent a proof of your new sign, please make sure to double check all phone numbers, name spellings, and spelling in general before granting final approval. Spell checker will not always pick up every error.

Less is More

Fewer words will increase impact of your sign. Also using a limited amount of font styles. Remember: most outdoor signs are read from a moving vehicle!

Sending Art Files

If possible we prefer vector based art for your signs. This art can be scaled to any size without changing the appearance of your sign. Vector art has been most commonly created in the following programs: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Adobe In-Design.

Vector file extensions we accept are .ai, eps, or pdf. Please remember to convert all text to objects by selecting all the text and “converting to outlines” before sending vector art.

If you are unable to provide a vector file please send a high resolution version of your art as a .jpg, .pdf, .psd file. Resolution should be at least 300dpi. 600dpi is better.

Non-vector art is “flat” art and is subject to showing pixels when enlarged. For certain types of signs any “flat” logo files may have to be recreated by the design staff, in this instance if client can provide the font used in the logo that will work best. If a client cannot provide a font or font name, we pick a font similar and make sure to gain approval all recreated logos before proceeding.

Interested in learning more about how a professionally created custom sign can help advertise your business? Just give us a call. We love to talk signs!