How Long Do Vehicle Wraps Last?

A professionally applied vehicle wrap of top quality material generally lasts 5 to 7 years, but of course this depends on a variety of factors, including vehicle surface, exposure to the elements, the skill with which it is applied, and how well it is cared for.

Factors Affecting Longevity


At Signs & More we use premium UV protected vinyl from 3M. This product is so good that the manufacturer warrants it for 7-9 years.


If a wrap is installed on a surface that is chipped, dented or pock marked, there will be a higher chance that the wrap will bubble or peel. You want to be sure the surface of your vehicle is clean and smooth before getting a wrap.

The Elements

Prolonged or repeat exposure to intense heat or sun can affect the longevity of a vinyl wrap. It is recommended that you protect your vehicle by parking in the shade when possible and keeping it away from heat sources, like grills, exhaust ducts, etc.

Michigan winters come with salted roads, which cannot be avoided. We recommend rinsing the salt off the vinyl as frequently as possible to prolong its life.


How the wrap is installed is critical. Our professional installers steam roll the wrap onto the vehicle, overlapping sections precisely so it lasts for years. We have lots of repeat customers who use us over and over again because of the quality job we do. We stand behind our products. If you have an issue with a wrap that we installed, we will fix it for you, often at no charge.

Maintenance & Care

You DON’T want to wash your new wrap for at least 2 weeks after application. When you do wash it we recommend ‘touchless’ car washes or hand washing. The brushes in a commercial car wash are hard on the vinyl and can dull its appearance or even ruin it over time.

Bottom line: a vehicle wrap is a rolling billboard and a great way to advertise your business.  We offer top quality products and skilled installers to make it last. If you’re thinking of getting a vehicle wrapped, call us today for a quote!