Safety / ADA Signs

Proper signage for safety in the workplace is essential. Whether you are alerting people to potential dangers, pointing the way to exits or providing safety instructions, Signs & More has the right signage solution for you.

Types of Safety Signs

There are four main types of safety signage used in the workplace, and generally they use the same color schemes all over the world. Red is an indication of the potential of immediate danger, which means action must be taken or something is prohibited. Yellow or amber is a warning that precautionary steps should be taken to ensure safety. Blue is a mandatory instruction that often accompanies danger or warning signs to ensure safety. Green is a safety sign, but does not mean any kind of danger; instead it is used to indicate an escape route or first aid.

ADA signs comply with the American Disabilities Act, to identify permanent rooms, exits, functional spaces, and directs to or informs about accessible features of the facility.

Having the proper signage in your place of work can assist visitors with disabilities and significantly reduce accidents. In most states safety and ADA signs are legally required. A place of work which has effective health and safety signage is likely to use all of these types of signs.

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