How We Work

Founded in 2001 by Larry Foster, Signs and More is particularily focused on delivering over-the-top customer satisfaction.

Our sign building process is dedicated to understanding your business goals and creating a true value-based partnership.

We start by getting close. We meet with you to discuss your needs, ideas and budget requirements.

Then we go to the proposed sign location and take photos. Like a Sherlock Holmes detective, we work to make sure we have all the dimensions, installation information, possible ordinances we have to deal with, and any other project particulars covered.

Then we use the information we gathered from our meeting and site review to create a custom proposal for you. We include signage options and pricing to give you the ultimate flexibility of choice allowing you to stay within your budget.

We then review the proposal with you and answer your questions and provide expert feedback.

Once you have determined the sign you would like us to build, we sign the contracts and get to work.

If applicable, we check city ordinances and handle all city paperwork for you so your sign installs without causing issues with local ordinances.

We finalize the specifications for your project and we create concepts for discussion and selection. Once you chose a concept, we begin building the sign to our exact specifications.

When complete, we install it for you exactly right.

What Makes Us Different

"We believe in handling all of the signage details (from consultation, to obtaining the permits you need, through design and installation; leaving you to run your business. We have a team of experienced, dedicated professionals that understand the many complexities of the signage business, that work together to ensure your project is a success."- Larry Foster, Owner

Connect with Us:

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