Top 20 Funniest Signs From Around The World

Happy Monday everyone!  Here are our top funniest signs from around the world to brighten up your day.

20. Say No To Strangers

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 12.15.37 PM

19. What is that??!!

What Is That?


18. I’m Not Allowed To What??

Not Allowed To What?


17. Mountain Lions

Mountain Lion


16. Should’ve Rode My Bike…



15.  Penguin Watch

Look For Penguins


14. Don’t Hit This

Don't Hit This


13. Senior Wash

Senior Wash


12. Dinosaurs!



11. Riding On Rainbows?

Riding The Rainbow


10. Burglars?



9. Control Your Pee

Control Your Pee


8. Heel Breaking Zone

Don't Wear heels

7. Funnel Cake Eating Seagulls

Funnel Cake Loving Seagulls?

6. Hungry Pigeons

Vicious Pigeons

5. Drunk People Crossing

Drunk Crossing

4. No Headless Horseriding

No Headless Horse Riding

3. Heavy Pedestrians?

Heavy Pedestrians

2. Poop Patrol

The Birds!

1. Crocodiles??!!