The Benefits of Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Making a great first impression is the key to effective advertising.  Vehicle wraps for sales, service, and/or delivery vehicles are a great way to spread your business’s message and are a powerful branding and marketing tool.

Attention Grabbing

Brightly colored, well designed vehicle wraps make your company vehicles stand out among all the other cars on the road. Passing drivers won’t pay much attention to a plain white van on the road, but a colorful vehicle wrap will naturally grab their attention.

Reach a Wider Audience

Vehicle wraps reach more customers than any other form of advertising. Many businesses gain more customers from vehicle wraps than their websites. Your reach depends upon how many company vehicles you have on the road, what areas you drive in, and how many miles you drive–you can reach ten thousand to a hundred thousand customers a month!

Non-Aggressive Advertising

Unlike radio or print ads that interrupt a person’s entertainment, vehicle wraps attract attention without disturbance. People can easily spot your message without major distraction from what they’re doing. Customers generally respond better to advertising that doesn’t take an “in-your-face” approach. Most people enjoy striking vehicle wraps as something to look at on their daily commute.

Mobile Exposure

Instead of waiting for your potential customers to turn on the TV and watch your commercial or run across your newspaper ad, vehicle wraps travel into the view of your potential customers.  They allow you to get your business in front of potential customers while they are out doing their errands or commuting to and from work. Lead possibilities from this type of unobtrusive mobile exposure are virtually endless.

Cost Effective

Unlike billboards and advertisements that have consistent reoccurring costs, vehicle wraps do not. An initial investment in a vehicle wrap is a fraction of the cost of other long-term advertising campaigns and generates results for years. You can also change your vehicle wrap as little or as often as you like, and for less money.

Local Advertising

Vehicle wrap advertising is targeted because you are advertising to your local market. The people who will see your vehicle wrap the most are the people in your area. Local marketing produces optimal results since people like to deal with business close to where they live or work.


Vinyl vehicle wraps help protect your vehicle’s body from scratches and small dents from road debris. Vinyl vehicle wraps can be easily removed without damaging the vehicle’s paint. Vinyl vehicle wraps help keep your company vehicles in better condition for when you need to trade them in or sell them.

Aside from being an additional advertising expense, there are virtually no downsides to using a vehicle wrap for advertising. Most business owners feel that they more than make up for the expense of having vehicle wraps from the increased exposure their business receives.

If you want to stand out from your competition, a vehicle wrap is a wise investment.  Contact Signs & More today to request a quote!