Ten Tips To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Office Signs

The single best advertising investment is right in front of you.  Well, actually it’s just above your head…It’s the signs in your office.

Office signs can provide a great return on investment because you only have to pay for them once and they provide powerful on-premise marketing.  If you use the following ten tips, you are sure to create effective office signs for your business.

1. Location, location, location!  Before you buy, lease, or renew, evaluate how and where signs can work for your business.  Avoid locations where adequate signage is not available due to landlord or zoning restrictions.

2.  Identify all sign location options.  Think about all the possibilities for signage, there are usually several, whether mounted or freestanding.  Can vehicle or pedestrian traffic see your location from more than one direction or entrance? If not, they may have a hard time finding your business!

3.  Walk and drive the property.  Walk and drive up and down the street a few times, from all directions, both during the day and at night looking carefully at your present or prospective sign locations. This will give you a better perspective of how passersby will be viewing your potential  signage. Taking reference photos may also be helpful.

4. Plan for visibility and legibility. Your message needs to stand out among other signs and other surroundings.  Consider sign size and shape, letter height, font choice, lighting and placement carefully to make it easy for passersby to see and ready quickly during the day and at night.

5. Make a good first impression!  First impressions are important, especially in business. If all your public knows about you is based on seeing your sign as they drive by they will judge your business on your sign’s quality.  Esthetics, color choice and appropriate use of white space will help your sign to look professional.  Avoid putting too much information on your sign as it will be cluttered, more difficult to read and will scream unprofessional.

 6. Choose a benefit-driven message. This may come as a challenge, but the right message is where your sign makes money for the practice.  Choose a message that shows your customers how your services benefit them.  For example, if you prices always beat your competitor’s, then your sign’s message should state that.

7. Keep it short and simple.  A lengthy message cannot be read by someone walking or driving by your business.  Keep it to 1-3 words and answer this question:  What do you do that delivers value and happiness to your customers?  If you do many things, say what’s of interest to the majority of people, let them know what else you offer when they come in.

8. Use an experienced sign shop with fair pricing.  Make sure your sign shop has experience, good references and knows about compliance with regulations, building codes and will deliver and install the signage on time.

9. Consider a temporary banner.  Your new sign may take several weeks to be ready from conception to completion.  A temporary banner can attract attention and new customers if your office or business is open before your permanent sign is ready.

10. Explore secondary sign opportunities.  Can you provide “way finding” signs approaching the building or in the lobby, hallway, or elevator of your business?

Office signs can be a big investment, but they will pay for themselves in the long run.