Lighting – Taking Your Sign From Day To Night

Lighting is vital when it comes to signage.  Proper lighting allows your sign to be both visible and readable during the day and at night, rain or shine. An illuminated sign is also much quicker and easier for passersby to read. A properly lit sign serves as a 24/7 advertisement for your business and is a constant reminder to passersby.  This will build memory of your business and generate new customers.

Signage is generally illuminated using one or a combination of three methods – by mounting outdoor lamps that shine on the sign’s face; by inside lighting that shines onto the sign’s face; or by using exposed bulbs, LEDs, neon-style tubing and other illuminated elements.  Rapidly developing technology has made the possibilities infinite, economical and energy efficient.

Color is also an important thing to think about when considering your sign’s illumination options. The lighting you choose will have an effect on the appearance of the sign. Some lighting options may be a better fit for your business than others, especially if you want your sign’s colors to match your print advertising exactly.  If accurate color matching is important, you should choose a lighting source with a high color rendering index (CRI) rating.

The ideal illumination for a sign should be bright enough to compete with surrounding signs without being offensive.  Many cities have rules and regulations on brightness, so make sure to find out what rules your city has to ensure your sign lighting is within regulation.