How to Choose A Sign Company

There are many companies in the sign industry to choose from, each offering a wide variety of sign types and materials. So how does a layman know which company to choose? This article presents some guidelines to help you make the right choice for your business.

How to Start

Organize your thoughts and prepare a list of types of signs you like, materials you like, where you intend to install the sign, who will be viewing it, how long you need it to hold up, and what environmental / weather conditions the sign will be subject to.

Then search the web or contact other business owners to decide which sign companies to call.  Prepare your list of questions and discussion points using the helpful information below.

You want to select a company that provides a full suite of services, such as sign design, manufacturing, installation, retrofitting of buildings, securing of permits, and even long-term maintenance of your sign.  This way you don’t have to go to multiple sources to get your job done.

You also want to discuss materials. With so many different materials and lighting systems available today, you want to choose a company that understands your application and is willing to recommend the best materials for you; materials that will withstand the test of time and work within your budget.

The Best Sign Companies

  • Have friendly and supportive staff. After all, this will be a working relationship and you want to be sure you pick a company that you feel comfortable working with.
  • Offer a wide variety of products. You may need one sign today and another tomorrow. It will be easier on you to find one company that you like, that can meet all your signage needs, versus having to shop around for each different type of sign.
  • Have experience and knowledge. Good sign companies will have years of “lessons learned” under their belt. You can often tell the quality of the provider by the quality of the questions they ask. A good sign company will ask the right questions regarding placement, materials, budget, and timing so that they deliver the best possible product to you, within your budget. We once had a customer come to us wanting a corrugated cardboard sign on a tight budget. After careful questioning we discovered that this sign was to be posted outdoors for a month. We were able to recommend a plastic sign instead, that would hold up to the harsh Michigan weather, and still stay within budget. This is the difference experience and asking the right questions can make for you.

Other Considerations

Cost, quality, and follow-up service are important considerations, as well being able to handle securing appropriate permits for you. An experience sign company will handle this process for you.

The materials used in your sign will greatly impact how long it will last and how expensive it will be to maintain. If the sign is to be exposed to harsh weather and temperature conditions, and you want your sign to last for many years, you will want to be sure the sign is constructed from durable materials and that you can afford to keep it in good condition. A dilapidated sign will not do your business any good.

The bottom line: The right sign company for you will provide a quality sign that will satisfy your unique communication needs at a reasonable price you can afford. Contact us today.