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Tips on Designing The Perfect Car Magnet

Car magnets, when designed and produced right, can be an amazing advertising tool for your business.  Creating the perfect magnetic signs may seem like a daunting task, but here are some helpful tips to make the job easier for you and your business: 1)  Keep it simple.  A lot of businesses make the mistake of […]

Top 3 Signage Mistakes Your Business Might Be Making

Your signage is your first impression to potential customers.  Getting your signage wrong or neglecting it can really hurt your business.  The tips below will help you prevent the most common signage mistakes. Does your sign represent your brand? You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Is your signage making […]

LED or Neon Sign? What’s The Difference?

LED and neon signs are used everywhere. Making the choice as to which one use for your outdoor signage is tough. What is the difference between the two?  Which one will last longer?  Is one cheaper?  Which one will work better for my business? Signage is a major part of your advertising budget.  Let’s break […]

Top 20 Funniest Signs From Around The World

Happy Monday everyone!  Here are our top funniest signs from around the world to brighten up your day. 20. Say No To Strangers 19. What is that??!!   18. I’m Not Allowed To What??   17. Mountain Lions   16. Should’ve Rode My Bike…   15.  Penguin Watch   14. Don’t Hit This   13. […]

Carved Signs 101

Leverage the Power of 3-D Marketing Whether you call them carved signs, dimensional signs or wooden signs; 3D signs are ideal for a wide variety of businesses. Whether you are looking to project a rustic image for your business, or wanting to find something that works within your town’s strict signage laws, dimensional signs create beautiful […]

The Benefits of Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Making a great first impression is the key to effective advertising.  Vehicle wraps for sales, service, and/or delivery vehicles are a great way to spread your business’s message and are a powerful branding and marketing tool. Attention Grabbing Brightly colored, well designed vehicle wraps make your company vehicles stand out among all the other cars […]

Banners – Simple Is Better!

If our fast paced world, most people are in a rush.  They simply don’t have the time to read a wordy banner.  Knowing the right way to appeal to your customers and keeping your message simple will help make your banner an effective marketing tool for your business. For example… Let’s say that there are […]