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Tips on Designing The Perfect Car Magnet

Car magnets, when designed and produced right, can be an amazing advertising tool for your business.  Creating the perfect magnetic signs may seem like a daunting task, but here are some helpful tips to make the job easier for you and your business:

1)  Keep it simple.  A lot of businesses make the mistake of cramming as much info about their company as possible on their car magnets. This actually makes your car magnet more difficult to read and therefore potential customers are less likely to read it.  The best way to get your information across on a car magnet is to keep it simple.  Your company’s name, phone number, website and one or two services provided is all you need.  Most potential customers will Google your company later to find out more about your business anyway.


2)  Use full color graphics. With car magnets, your target audience has approximately four seconds to see and read your sign, if you’re lucky.  Full color graphics help your car magnet stand out and catch the eye of those nearby, and will get the message across to potential customers more effectively.  For example, a beautiful full color image of cupcakes and other baked goods will quickly tell potential customers you own a bakery and is much better than listing them out.

3)  File Size Matters!  The logo or image that looked so great on your business card might not be large enough in size or high enough quality to look as good when it’s blown up to fit on a car magnet.  Unless you have a high resolution photo or your logo/image in vector format, your file will look pixilated or distorted when enlarged.  Save yourself some time and money by looking at the image on your computer zoomed in 200%-800%.  If it doesn’t look so good, then it probably not won’t when it’s blown up to be printed as a magnetic sign either.


4)  Measure! Measure! Measure! Car magnets come in a couple standard sizes.  You may want your message as large as possible but the large magnet might be way too large for your car.  Before you go online and order car magnets that won’t fit, take the time to measure your vehicle!

You must also keep in mind that the car magnets go on the parts of your car that are flat and won’t go over bevels or molding.  If your car is made of fiberglass you won’t have be able to use magnetic car signs.  Vinyl decals or lettering will work on fiberglass.

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Top 3 Signage Mistakes Your Business Might Be Making

Your signage is your first impression to potential customers.  Getting your signage wrong or neglecting it can really hurt your business.  The tips below will help you prevent the most common signage mistakes.

Does your sign represent your brand?

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Is your signage making an impression that’s worth remembering? Your business storefront is what the majority of potential new customers will base their first impressions on.  Needless to say, this is not an area you want to cut corners on!

To determine if your sign optimally represents your brand, you must first ask yourself a few basic questions.  Is the design and text on your current signage consistent with your brand image? To put this simply, your signage should have virtually the same look as your website, business cards and other marketing materials – same colors, fonts, and design elements.  This will create brand recognition, meaning that your customers/potential customers will see your sign and instantly know it’s your company.


You also need to ensure that your sign is highly visible, easy to read, and in good condition. A sign in bad condition will make potential customers think that you do not care about your business or that you aren’t doing well enough to fix or replace the sign.


Confusing Message

The internet is bursting with examples of hilarious typos on signs that are photographed and uploaded for everyone to have a good laugh at. While these posts are pretty hilarious, the joke will only be on you if it happens to your sign. Any spelling and grammatical errors that slip by you or the printer at the proofing stage will ultimately reflect really poorly on your business– so make sure you triple check your sign for typos.

Pixelated graphic

Pixelated graphic

If you are incorporating an image into your signage, remember to use the right imagery and make sure it’s high enough in resolution so the image doesn’t appear pixelated or blurry. The lettering on your sign should be in proportion with the overall size of the sign and should be colors that contrast with your background color enough to be easily seen by someone driving by.


Low contrast vs High Contrast

Burnt Out?

When used properly, neon signs and illuminated messages can be a very powerful marketing tool help your business to draw  in new customers. Use them incorrectly or neglect needed maintenance to your neon or LED sign and it has just the exact opposite effect. A broken or flickering neon sign on display in your business is a message to customers that you don’t care much for looking after them either. Certain letters burning out may produce a message you don’t want to relay to your customers…


Imagine yourself as a new customer, walk past your business and stand back from a distance to see how others see you. Any broken signage make customers think that your business is tired and burnt out, have your signage repaired before that bad impression has the chance to become a reality.

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